What is an Identification Placement and Review Committee? (IPRC)
Depending on your school board and your own decision, you may want to formally identify your child as having a LD. The Education Act requires that School Boards provide special education programs and services to students deemed 'exceptional'. 'Exceptional' students are those 'behavioural, communicational, intellectual, physical, or multiple exceptionalities are such that they are considered to need placement in a special education program'. LD comes under the 'Communication' Exceptionality.

It is the role of the IPRC
  • to determine whether your child should or should not be identified as exceptional
  • to identify the child’s area of exceptionality
  • to determine the strength and needs of the student
  • to decide on an appropriate placement; and
  • to review the identification and placement at least once a year

  • As a parent you can start the IPRC process by contacting your child's principal in writing and request that your child be referred to an IPRC. The principal may also refer a student to an IPRC. The Committee may consist of:
  • Parents (and a support person) & student
  • Other employees of the board whose expertise will be shared
  • Class room teacher
  • Principal
  • Superintendent of Special Education (DCDSB)

  • When all the information from the teacher, professionals, the parent & student has been presented and discussed, the committee will make its decision.

    Revised 2010.