Ministry Publications on the Individual Education Plan
While all ministry documents on the IEP can still be used as resources, there are some important differences in the most current one in regards to the obligations of the boards.

2000 - The IEP reflects the school board?s and the principal?s commitment to provide the special education program and services, within the resources available to the school board, needed to meet the identified strengths and needs of the student.?

2004 - ?The Human Rights Code provides for the right to equal treatment with respect to services, without discriminating on the basis of a number of grounds, including disability. Education is considered to be a service under the code. Persons with disabilities should be considered, assessed, and accommodated on an individual basis.? Educational institutions just as other businesses have a ?Duty to Accommodate? unless it would cause ?Undue Hardship?.

2007 - Schools have the option of trialing a newly developed Electronic IEP template with dropdown menus; in-service for School Board on new Template.