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START HERE. This link redirects to LD@home, which provides an overview of different types of LDs.
This link redirects to the LDAO website, which provides information about assessment practices.

This link redirects to the LDAO site and explains the IPRC and IEP process.
This link redirects to LD@school which explains how to develop self-advocacy skills.
This link redirects to a transition information page where you can find further resources about transition planning.
Click here for the Self-Advocacy program information.
  1. Advocacy Advisors
    Our advocacy team members will provide telephone and in person support. They are also available to assist parents at the school IPRC/IEP meetings.
  2. Resource Facilitator
    Resource facilitation is provided to the public via telephone and email. We provide information on topics related to LDs and ADHD and different supports available within the community and schools.
  3. Volunteers
    Our volunteers assist in a variety of ways with the goal of providing support to those with LDs to help them reach their full potential.